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3 Methods on How to Properly Train a Puppy

Dog is a smart animal. Any dog type that is kept surely has better IQ depending to the other animals like cats, hamster, and rabbit. That is the uniqueness of dog to the other animals. You possibly often see a trained dog very well so that it is very obedient to the owners. Training the dog surely requires consistency and more efforts from the owners of dogs. Training the dog is started when it is still puppy about 1 month age. The puppy has known the special signal. If the dog training is started earlier, the behaviors and characters of the puppy are easily directed. How to properly train a puppy becomes a right guidance to help you form the characters.

3 Methods on How to Properly Train a dog

All puppies have wild characters that become a natural gift. The natural behaviors can be seen including catching the hunted animal, peeing or pooping in the random place to be territory area, and barking being a natural character needed to understand by the owners. To direct the behaviors and characters, you can conduct 3 standard methods of puppy training. It helps that puppy easily understanding that you taught when it is still puppy. How does it work?

How to Train a Puppy Properly at Home

how to properly train a puppy

There are three easy methods to train a puppy properly at home. If you want to apply these methods, you cannot rent a dog trainer. Those are easily adopted at home.

Sitting and Staying

The most frequent problems appearing are the puppy getting too active so that it is difficultly controlled. Thus, training the puppy to stay and sit calmly is a must to do. It is caused that this method is very important to teach them. It is like explaining the puppy to all efforts to gain what they like. So, in earlier stage, it requires treat like snacks or the puppy’s favorite foods to do dog training.

how to properly train a puppy at home

You may do some practices. Firstly, provide snacks or favorite foods held tightly on the left hand. Let the puppy understand that you will give favorite food approaching your left hand to the puppy’s face. Then, say sit and stay. Don’t give the food directly to wait dog instinct naturally. The instinct of dog to wait is sitting. You can also use you’re a pointed finger getting close to the puppy’s face as a sign that you want the puppy to sit and get silent. If it is successful, you can give the puppy foods and praises. Do it repeatedly.


how to properly train a dog



How to properly train a puppy is useful to make the puppy getting close to you. Some puppies actually don’t know that those are called by the owner. Actually, the dog doesn’t know what you are saying. But, the puppy remembers when you want to give it foods. So, anything that you said becomes a sign of giving food to the puppy. To train a puppy, you may conduct some practicing steps. Make sure that your puppy knows that you bring a treat to them. You may use collar or belt. Then, give the distance of puppy and pull the leash slowly together calling the name to direct to treat (food) on your left hand. Leash is used to ensure that your puppy not running away. Let it approach during giving the treat. If it has understood it, loose the collar and give a further distance to the dog. You can repeat it again.


3 Methods on How to Properly Train a Puppy

The next method is heel in which you should ensure that your puppy is rightly next to the back or side while walking. The occurring problem is that puppy will walk randomly and not focus. It will seek foods and moving things on the street. You should apply the pattern of practices. Firstly, you can use collar or leash with the distance of setting in order that the distance of puppy and you is close.  Stay to use treat for training. If you use right hand to hold collar, you can use left hand to hold treat. Stimulate the puppy to be right on your left or right side. Don’t continue your trip if the puppy cannot focus with that given threat. Those are some ways on how to properly train a puppy.

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