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7 Tips on House Training a Puppy Easily

Do you have a naughty dog? This will be annoying because it is difficult to manage. If you get busy on how to treat it well, you should conduct some tips on house training a puppy in order that it will be a kind dog later. These tips are started by an easy step to the complex one. You can apply these frequently in order that your puppy is accustomed to do what you train. What are they? Here are some ten tips to do at home.

tips on house training a dog

Building a Good Relation

The first tip to do is building a good relation between a puppy and you. You should steal the heart of your puppy if you want the house training to get successful. Try to keep communicating very well to your puppies. The puppy talks to you through energy, body language, mimics, tail and ear movements, voice, and body posture. When you have a good relationship to your puppy, you will get easily understanding on the needs of your puppy during house training. Try to involve it to speak and talk.
Using Soft and High Intonation

The next tips on house training a puppy is using soft and high intonation if you want to make your puppy trained and kind. This intonation can be used when your puppy did the right action. But, you can say with low intonation when you dislike on what your puppy did. Do this action both cues and command strickly.

Considering the Mood and Physic Condition of Your Puppy

tips on house training a puppy in a week

Before you train your puppy at home, don’t force your puppy to do house training. Moreover, when it is not ready yet and even sick, it must be prevented. Please, see mood and physical condition of your dogs. If it is forced, the dogs will often make mistakes. Then, you will punish it. It surely decreases the mental of your puppy. To motivate the down mental, it requires very long time. Don’t forget to recognize your puppy very well. Every puppy has different ability. Give the trained practices to the puppy.

Training Your Puppy Consistently
It is better to train your puppy consistently. If you dislike on what the puppy did, for example, climbing onto the chair, don’t let your puppy climb it at all. If you let it once and warn it once, it makes your puppy confused. To make your puppy understand, you must determine the prohibited or allowed action. So, please say yes or no for a certain action in house training.

tips on house training a puppy

Creating a Fun Dog House Training

Make fun dog house training. You can invite your puppy playing together with training. Do 10 minutes of practices. Then, continue it 10 minutes practice later. Repeat the practice that has been mastered in an early training process. You may intersperse with games like throwing and catching the ball.

7 Tips on House Training a Puppy Easily

Don’t Play Physical Treatments

It is better to avoid physical treatments to your puppy during dog training. In giving punishment, don’t hit your puppy. But, you should do positive reinforcement. If your puppy is smart, give its favorite treat. However, if it is capable of doing anything, give the punishment by not giving that treat. Don’t hit it. The reward can be its favorite treat, praises, and caress. The puppy really likes caring so that it can be a form of gift to the puppy.

Tips on House Training a Puppy Easily

Applying the Right Methods to Train a Puppy at Home

The last tips to train a puppy at house are applying right methods. You can choose three standard methods in doing house training. Those are sitting and staying, come, and heel. Those are effectively if you do it patiently and continuously until the puppy understands what you commanded. Those are tips on house training a puppy to do practically.

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