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Best and Fastest Way to Potty Train a Puppy

Fastest way to potty train a puppy – having a pet like dog or cat is indeed very interesting. In fact, it is so fascinating to see his or her cute appearance and acts. However, keeping a pet is not only about fun to see them. We also have some responsibilities in fact. It is better if we are able to train them in doing many things including when they need to poop. More than anything, they are basically just animals. Sometimes, we have to be very patients before they know what they have to do in potty activities. But you should not worry; there are actually some ways to train them so that they can poop in the right place. So, what are they? Here they are.

fastest way to potty train a dog

As Soon As Possible

Yes, it is right. As soon as possible you train them; it looks like your puppies can understand it faster. It is possible also to train them in scheduling their poop and pee. It is often said that the training should be done before the puppies are around 7 to 8 weeks. It is so that on that age, they can simply understand such a discipline. The more interesting thing is that younger puppies are aven able to do this after training only for several days.

Best and Fastest Way to Potty Train a dog

Knowing Their Habit

Scheduling their potty activities is very suggested indeed. However, more than that, you should also learn more about your pets. It is often happened that a puppy must have his or her own potty time that can be different one from another. A puppy may commonly poop after waking up and another one may do that just after eating. If this is the matter, you should spare your free time at that time to train them for several days. In general, it then becomes much easier for them to do it themselves right on their own schedule.

fastest way to potty train a puppy

Put His or Her in a House

A good dog must be freely run anywhere. However, around their 7 to 10 first weeks, it is not bad to “imprison” them in their own house. They should not go outside after making sure that your puppies are potty. It is the continuity of previous point in which you must know their schedule of poop and pee. It is better if you are not leaving them alone. After finishing the potty, you can let them go outside. Actually, buying them a house is not a must. You can also use your kitchen or warehouse which is locked to train them.

fastest way to potty train puppies

Using Visible Toilet

Your dogs basically must recognize their own toilet first before starting to poop. At the beginning of training, it is something which is quite difficult to be done. For this matter, it is not bad to spend your money to buy them a special toilet which is in visible colors. It is mainly to let them recognize where they should do the potty faster. However, it is not bad also if you want to use something like unused news paper. In other words, as long as your puppies are able to recognize their toilet, it is no matter whatever to be used.

Best and Fastest Way to Potty Train a Puppy

Letting Them Go Outside

As they grow older, you should start to potty train them outside. It is like by moving their potty on your backyard or front yard. If it already becomes a habit for them to poop or puppy in their own potty or toilet, they must look for it if it is not available. You may guide them to go outside and then let them do it there. Well, it is the fastest way to potty train puppy, do you have yours?

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