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Best Way to House Train a Puppy

Puppy is a cute animal. Every people always want to take care of puppy to be their friend in their house. But, sometime they feel so confuse and annoying when their puppy urinate or defecate in their house. They think about way to make their puppy discipline and can eliminate or defecate outside. Well, the best way to make your puppy has that habit is doing house train. It will be really helpful, but you have to consider some things before doing it. Read the information below to know more about house train.

Best Way to House Train a Puppy

What is House Train?

House train is a train that is done by puppy’s owner to make their puppy know the right place to eliminate (urinate and defecate). It may need long time to train your puppy, so you have to be patient person when you want to house train your puppy. Puppy is just animal, and don’t think that a puppy can do perfect activity like a human. Puppy needs process to know about right habit. So, important point you need to have is patience. When you can house train your puppy patiently, you will get a chance to house train your puppy well.

Best Way to House Train puppies

Not only about patience, you needs to prepare right place to train your puppy. Because house train is a train for making your puppy eliminate in the right pace, make sure you have prepared proper place for your puppy. For example, you can use crate. It is a good idea to start your house train.

What are the Best Ways to House Train a Puppy?

Best Way to House Train dogs

Some people may think that house train a puppy is so difficult. Well, it may be right. But, there is no impossible thing if you take high effort. There are some best ways you can try to house train your puppy, such as below:

  • Wake up in the morning, and take your puppy outside. It is really important to do because a puppy usually want to urinate or defecate when he wake up in the morning. Not only that, you can also take your puppy after he eat his meals.
  • Recognize the signs of your puppy when he wants to urinate or defecate. Puppy usually barking, sniffing, pacing, and many more. When you see those signs, you can take your puppy outside immediately. It will make your puppy know the right activity should be done when he want to defecate and urinate. If your puppy eliminate (urinate and defecate) outside, give your puppy a reward. For example, you can say “Good boy!” or other word that will make your puppy know that his behavior is well and make you proud of him.

Best Way to House Train a Puppy in a week

  • When you find his fesses or urine inside your home, don’t be angry because your puppy doesn’t do a mistake. We have to remember that our puppy is not a human. A puppy needs process for doing right thing. So, don’t punish your puppy when he does a mistake.
  • Use a phrase to make your puppy know the place to eliminate. For example, you can say “outside” when you know that your puppy needs to eliminate. It will make your puppy learn to go to right place for eliminating.

Best Way to House Train a dog

Well, those are some information for you about best way to house train your puppy. You can use the information above to house train your puppy. Remember that house train process may use long time. But, that is not a problem as long as you have patience to house train your puppy. Just think that you will be happier when your puppy has become a house-trained puppy. Hopefully the information above will give you inspiration to house train your puppy immediately.

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