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Best Way to Toilet Train a Puppy At Home Practically

Toilet training is a general challenge faced by the pets’ owner when he adopted dogs for the first time. Both dogs and puppies possibly make some accidents of pooping and peeping so that you must clean it. Unfortunately, toilet training a puppy theoretically looks simple to do. But, sometimes it makes you get frustrated because it takes a long process. It is important to apply the best way to toilet train a puppy at home practically with clear directions.

best way to toilet train a dog

How Do You Know the Puppies Want to Pee and Poop?

Puppies need to go to toilet more frequent than the dogs. Those have small bladder and have no instinct to hold pee. The dogs usually go to the toilet after waking up, 10 – 20 minutes after eating, drinking, and playing, and sometimes going to toilet after playing in outside of the home. Don’t assume that dogs can know the right time to go to toilet except they have learned it before.

Best Way to Toilet Train a Puppy At Home Practically

You possibly take the dogs to the toilet every 2 hours. But, it is different for puppies. You must bring it to the toilet every hour to prevent mistakes. Some signals of peeping and pooping can be detected. If you see the puppy spinning and sniffing the ground, it easily understands when your puppies need to go to toilet. It gets easier when you monitor it all the time.

4 Basic Steps to Toilet Train for Your Puppies

There are some basic steps to be best way to toilet train a puppy. Firstly, it is important to oversee your puppies all the time during toilet training. If you cannot do it, it considers using playpen, dog laundry room, or toilet to be a safe spot to do toilet training. Secondly, you can use appropriate rewards for motivating it. You can use biscuits or snacks for the rewards. It is caused that no all puppies are motivated with only praises or games. Keep holding snacks or biscuits in order to give it anytime.

Best Way to Toilet Train a dog At Home Practically

Thirdly, take a puppy out every one hour. The consistency and repetition are the key to get success of toilet training for puppies. Giving more rewards and behaving well makes the puppy remember it quickly. If it has passed 24 hours since you gave the reward to this toilet training, it would spend longer time to learn. Finally, be patient and consistent to toilet training. You must avoid giving punishment during training. Punishing puppies due to mistakes will never teach it anything. It is caused the puppy tends to be afraid of you. If the puppy makes mistakes in peeing and pooping in any spots, forget it and keep training your puppies frequently.

best way to toilet train a puppy

Extra Tips to Toilet Train for Puppies

When you have applied those above ways but it doesn’t work well, you may apply these following extra tips to do toilet training for a puppy. You can manage your alarm. During an earlier training stage, you should arrange timer on the phone or alarm clock to remember you. It is also aimed at brining your puppy every 1 to 2 hours to get peeing and pooping. If it has mistakes, you should increase the frequency of toilet training. This is the best key to toilet training within 3 days. The regular repetition is the key to train your puppy.

best way to toilet train a puppy at home

Then, use rope or belt. One of the best ways is to ensure that your puppy gets close to you. It makes you easily monitor and oversee it by using dog belt or rope bonded in the chair. Use cues for toilet training. To motivate the good habits for toilet training, you can introduce the words to the puppy when it wants to pee and poop. You may say wee wee or whistling. It possibly introduces hand signal to be a command for puppy going to the toilet. Finally, the best way to toilet train a puppy can be conducted in one toilet only. Choose the toilet getting further from the playing room in order to be easily cleaned.

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