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Easiest Way to Train a Puppy in His Daily Routine

Owning a puppy can be a wonderful joy! But it’s quite hard to own a puppy rather than an older dog. Why? It’s because puppy hasn’t gotten any basic trains how to be a good puppy. Puppy usually has amazing energy and curiosity that can make the owner and family overwhelmed and frustrating. If you have good respond to that challenge comes from your puppy, the adjustment for him will be less stressful and shorter for both puppy and the owner. But if the way you respond it goes wrong, well there is a reason why animal shelter and rescue groups have a lot of teenage dogs.

easiest way to train a puppy

In this article, you will learn the easiest way to train a puppy. There are many easy basic ways to raise your puppy well. Let’s take a look what kind of easy train you should do for your puppy.

Train your puppy about daily routines

easiest way to train a dog

  • Teach him where his bed is
  • Teach him where his water dishes and food are located
  • Teach him what times of day he must eat
  • Teach him what time he must get up
  • Teach him what time he must go to bed
  • Teach him where his own bathroom is
  • Teach him where he can find his toys

Many puppy owners usually think teaching this daily routine are not necessary. You should teach him with the right teaching method. If you do it right, your puppy will have better behavior and he will be happy to let you decide what he can and can’t do in the family. But in the other hand, if you use the wrong teaching method, your puppy will be the one to decide what he wants and make you to follow his rule. This is the key for behavior and conflict problems.

easiest way to train a puppies

Train your puppy some words

It’s also important to train your puppy some words in daily routine. The most important words are “Good” and “No”. The word “Good” means you show him that you like what he is doing. Meanwhile the word “No” means you show him that he must stop whatever he is doing. You should teach these correction words and praise when your puppy is at 2 to 3 months of age. Train your body language and tone voice when you teach these words. So, your puppy can differentiate those words by looking at your body language and hearing your voice intonation.

Easiest Way to Train a Puppy in His Daily Routine

But if your puppy is already older than 2 to 3 months and still hasn’t understood about “Good” and “ No” perfectly, then you should start teaching him those words immediately before you train him another word.

Don’t use biscuit training

It’s a big no when you train your puppy with food treats. It is also applied to any dogs in any age. Why it is not good to teach them with biscuit training? It’s because your puppy has the right to decide when he wants to eat and when he doesn’t want to eat. For example, your puppy is running to the front door. And then you call him and wave him a treat which is cookie. But it turns out that your puppy chooses to chase a rabbit on the road rather than come to you. It means that biscuit training will not work properly on him and he will never listen to you. If you want to praise him, don’t use biscuit. You can give him great praise by stroking him and give him great motivator.

way to train a puppy

After a long and tiring day to train him, don’t forget to play with him later. It will show him that you appreciate his hard work. Don’t forget that even you do the easiest way to train a puppy; you need patience to work with him since he will not do anything you teach that easy.

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