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How Do You House Train a Puppy?

Do you have a puppy? A puppy will be more adorable than before if he know the right step to urinate and defecate in the right place. People always want to have a puppy that is discipline and doesn’t do many things randomly. One way to get discipline puppy is doing house train. House train is an effort from puppy owner to train their puppy, so their puppy can urinate and defecate in the proper place.

How Do You House Train puppies

Things Should be Considered

House train is best way to make your puppy has good habit in your home. But, sometime training a puppy will be difficult if we don’t prepare house training well. The important thing should be considered for house training a puppy is the age of your puppy. We have to know the proper age of puppy to be house trained. Experts said that you can house train your puppy if your puppy is between 12 weeks and 16 weeks old. So, consider your puppy’s age before doing house training. If your puppy’s age is under 12 weeks old, you can wait until your puppy has enough age. It is important to consider because a puppy which has enough ages can be controlled easier. He also knows various movements, so that we can house train him easier.

How Do You House Train a dog

Steps for House Training a Puppy

When you have decided to house train your puppy, there are some steps and tips you can do. Here are the steps you can follow:

How Do You House Train a dog in a week

  • Make a feeding schedule for your puppy. Let your puppy eat regularly, because it will influence the process of house training. If your puppy eat on the right schedule, you can control your puppy’s habit easier, especially to urinate or defecate.
  • After feeding, take your puppy outside, where you have prepared the right place for your puppy to urinate and defecate. You can take your puppy in the morning to eliminate his first thing. You can let your puppy outside for 30-60 minutes until your puppy has eliminated his fesses or urine. You can also take your puppy when he wakes of for a nap. As we know that puppy usually wants to defecate or urinate after taking a nap.

How Do You House Train a Puppy

  • Take your puppy to the same spot where he has ever eliminated his fesses and urine before. It will help your puppy to know his habit because a spot where he can eliminate his fesses will make him want to do same activity on that spot. So, whenever your puppy has eaten or woken up from a nap, you can take your puppy to the same spot, where you want the puppy to defecate and urinate.
  • When your puppy eliminates outside, you can give him a reward. It will make your puppy can keep his habit to eliminate outside. A simple reward can you give for your puppy. For example, you can take your puppy to walk around neighborhood.

How Do You House Train a Puppy in a week

Well, those are some information for you about how to house train a puppy. House train a puppy is simple activity if you can be patient person. Remember that a puppy is animal, so don’t be arrogant and think that a puppy can do many things in short period. A puppy needs process and time to do a habit. So, try to be calm and house train your puppy without punishing your puppy when he does a mistake. Make sure you also know the sign of a puppy which need to eliminate. It will really help you to house train your puppy. For recommendation, you can also use a crate for his place. Finally, you can do house train easier.

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