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How to Potty Train puppy in a Week

If you have a puppy, you are better to know about potty train for a puppy. Nowadays, having a puppy may be so familiar for many people. But, having a puppy which can urinate and defecate in the right place may be so rare. Every puppy’s owner always wants to have a smart puppy, which is discipline and can eliminate (urinate and defecate) in the right place. But, they are so confuse because training a puppy may take so long time. Don’t worry because you can do potty train in a week as long as you know the right steps for doing it.

How to Potty Train puppies in a Week

What   is Potty  Train?
Potty train is training given by puppy’s owner to make their puppy excrete or eliminate in the right place (outdoor). There are so many steps can be done to potty train a puppy. But the important point is, we have to be patient person, because potty train may make us so confuse and also annoying when our puppy is difficult to be house trained. But, you have to believe in your puppy. Although puppy is just an animal, but they can also do right thing as long as we know how to treat them well. So, you can do right steps of potty train to make your puppy learn how to defecate and urinate properly.

How to Potty Train a puppy in a Week

Potty Train a Puppy in a Week

Actually, potty train usually needs long time, may be more 4 weeks. But for you who want to do it in a week, you just need to do steps well. For recommendation, you have to be in your home in a week to make your puppy adapt well with the train you will give. Here are the steps you can follow:

How to Potty Train a dog in a Week

  1. Observe Your Puppy

It means that you have to watch your puppy. Knowing the signs of your puppy will really help you. The signs of puppy which needs to eliminate are so varies, such as sniffing, barking, pacing, and many more. Recognize it well to make you easy to house train your puppy. When you find the sign, you have to take your puppy outside as fast as possible.

  1. Stop Your Puppy When He Eliminate Indoor

Other step you have to do when doing house training is stopping your puppy when he eliminate in your home. You can speak loudly and say a word to make your puppy know that his behavior is wrong.  For example, you can say “Don’t!”

  1. Choose a Proper Place

Choose a proper place for your puppy to defecate and urinate. You have to be consistent in choosing a place because it will make your puppy easy in recognizing place for eliminating. A puppy usually knows the smell of his urine and fesses. When you are consistent about the place, the puppy will think that the place is his toilet, so he will urinate and defecate in that place regularly.

  1. Use a Right Phrase

Whenever you see your puppy shows weird sign, you have to say phrase to make your puppy know about right thing should be done. For example, you can say “Go!” or other word to make your puppy know what you want.

How to Potty Train in a Week

  1. Give Your Puppy a Reward

When your puppy has done the entire thing well, then you can give him a reward, such as praise word.

  1. Clean the Place Immediately

When your puppy eliminate indoor, clean the place immediately. It is important to be done to make your puppy doesn’t eliminate in that place anymore.

How to Potty Train in a Week at home

Well, those are some information for you about how to potty train a puppy. Hopefully the information above will be useful for you.

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