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How to Train A Pet Dog for Beginner Dog Owners

How to train a pet dog is mostly asked by newbie or beginner dog owners. It seems that their dog doesn’t care about their command. Sometimes, the dog is obeying them but mostly they don’t. Training a dog is tricky and it is a must for you to know the trick. Here, there are several tricks you can do to train your beloved pet especially if you are a beginner dog owner.

how to train a pet dog

Choose the Best Dog

Before training, you should have a dog and just make sure that you have a perfect dog. In this case, it is necessary for you choose a dog based on your lifestyle or characteristic. Just remember that having a dog it means you are in a long term commitment to take care of them. Think about if you have a family in the future because they also have to accept your dog. It seems you have to think about your life around for 10 years or 15 years after you decided to have a dog.

how to train a pet dogs

Give Your Dog a Name

Of course, you should call your dog and it will be good if you call them with their name. Just choose an easy to pronoun name. Then, get your dog used to with that name. Because of that, you have to call their name while playing, eating, training them, petting, or washing them. The sign that they finally learned it is when they are look at you anytime you call that name. It will be easier for you to go to the next training if your dog knows their name.

how to train a pet puppy

Time to Train Your Dog

This is the key of how to train a pet dog effectively. You have to do it constantly but in the right time. Actually, you don’t have to do it all day long. You just need to spend time around 15 minutes up to 20 minutes to train your dog. Do it for a few times such as three times a day. Don’t do it too many because dog especially puppy can get bored easily. You can also give simple training anytime you interact with your beloved dog. Even in the free session, you also need to watch your dog. You have to know their behavior while playing with the other dogs, seeing new people, seeing new items or object. Don’t let them do bad behavior and make sure that they understand that the command is for any kind of situation.

How to Train A Pet Dog for Beginner Dog Owners

Prepare your Mental

Again, it is not only your dog which needs to prepare but you also need to prepare yourself especially mental. Sometimes, the training doesn’t work in the first training session. Be patient and keep calm with your dog. It doesn’t mean that your dog is naughty but your beloved dog needs more time to understand about what you want. Just repeat the session regularly and you will see the result of your efforts. Moreover, you also need to dare to punish them when they do bad behavior and give them affection if they do the good one. It is difficult for you to punish your dog especially if you love them very much but it is not good at all.

How to Train A Pet Dog for Beginner Dog Owner

Start with Basic Training

Don’t start with something complicated. It makes your dog confuse and disobey your command. It is better for you to start from the basic training. By the time your dog can do and obey your command, you can continue the training. Just do the training step by step and it is how to train a pet dog as a beginner dog owner. Hopefully, you have a good dog and your dog can obey your commands

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