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How to Train Your Dog at Home Some Basic Commands

How to train your dog at home in the right way is necessary to know. In fact, some dog owners don’t know how to train their beloved dog. They tend to say that it is because of the dog but it seems that they don’t know the steps to train their dog. You can train your dog for basic orders at home. For further training, you can bring them to the expert.

How to Train Your Dog at Home Some Basic Command

Train Your Dog to Sit

Asking your dog to sit is a basic command and most of dogs will do it as long as you teach them in the right way. There are several things you can do to teach your beloved dog to sit. First, you have to bring a treat. Then, take the treat close to the dog’s nose. Second, try to move the treat slowly and make sure that the dog’s eyes are following the treat. You can also see it from the movement of their head. Third, there is a time when they are finally took their bottom lower.

how to train your dog

Fourth, this is the time for you to say “Sit” Just make sure that you say it clearly and loudly so your dog understands the command. Repeat this training all the time such as before the meal time, while walking around the park, and anytime they have to wait you. The more you train your dog, the easier they obey your command. Don’t forget to give them affection when they are successfully following your command.

how to train your dog at home

Train Your Dog to Come to You

Besides asking your dog to sit, you can also ask them to come to you. It is important if they play too far. You just need to ask your dog to come and they will come back to you. This is how to train dog at home to come to you. First, put a leash and collar to the neck of your lovely dog. Let them walk a little bit away from you but don’t release the leash from your hand. Second, you have to go down or in a squat position. Third, you can try to say “come” Just say it by seeing your dog. In the first time training, you have to pull the leash slowly so they get your attention. After a few times, they will automatically turn to you and walk to you slowly. You have to train this command everyday and give them affection anytime they can do your command.

how to train your dogs at home

Train Your Dog to Stay

In some cases, you have to leave your dog for awhile. It will be a problem if you don’t train them in the stay position because they will follow you. So, this is how to train your dog at home to stay. What you have to do first is asking them to sit. It will be easy if your dog has master sit command. Then, open your hand and move it just like when you want to ask someone to stop. Now, try to say “stay” to your dog. Just wait a few second until your dog is calm in sitting position. Step back a few steps slowly. Every time you take this session add the number of your steps. You can combine it with “come command when it reaches your goal. Just give them affection to show that they are doing a great job.

How to Train Your Dog at Home Some Basic Commands

Those are three simple dog trainings you can do at home. You don’t have to say that your dog is naughty because they disobey your command. The key is how you train your dog. Try the basic and continue it step by step. Now, you don’t need to ask about how to train your dog at home anymore because you know what to do.

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