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Methods on How to Potty Train a Dog

How to potty train a dog? This question must pop in your head when you are having an untrained dog. Performing potty training on a dog is complicated. You have to be very patient in doing it. Moreover, you must dedicate a great deal of your time in potty training your dog. It is also important for you to stay consistent and set a routine. There are several methods of potty training that you can apply. Here are some of the popular ones.

how to potty train a dog

Paper Training

In applying this method, you can place papers on the floor. You must train your dog to use it as his bathroom. You can use pretreated pads as the alternative of papers. These particular pads have certain scent that will attract your dog to use it. When you see that your dog show signs that he wants to eliminate, you have to put him on that papers or pads. Your dog may sniff, walk in circle, bark, or whine when he have to eliminate. Once he learns that he must use the pads/ papers as a bathroom, he will go to that spot to eliminate. After he learns about it, you must place the papers closer to the doors. And gradually place it outside. Therefore, your dog will learn to eliminate outside. This training takes more time than other housebreaking training. Moreover, it also encourages your dog to eliminate inside your house. When you use this training, you must remember to give reward to your dog every time he eliminates on it.

Methods on How to Potty Train a Dog

Crate training

In this particular training, you need a cage or crate. It is important for you to choose the right crate size. For successful crate training, choose a cage that fits your dog sleeping’s blanket. Your dog must be able to lay in it. The purpose of this training is helping him control his bowels and bladder. Dog’s doesn’t like to sleep on a mess. That’s why, he will not eliminate on his crate. When you cannot watch your dogs, you have to put him in his crate. Before you putting him in it, don’t forget to put him outside to his favorite spot to eliminate. And after you have time to watch him, you can put him out of the cage. Before you let him play inside your home, you must, again, put him outside to eliminate.

Methods on How to Potty Train a puppy

You must let him free from the cage only for a short time at first. After several weeks, you can gradually increase the time so that he can play outside the cage longer and longer. When you put him back in the crate, you must not leave him with any food or drink in it. Leaving him with a toy is okay though.

Methods on How to Potty Train a Dog

Constant supervision

This method is perfect for retired persons and those who work and stay at home most of the time. In applying this training, you need to watch your dog all the time. And when he shows that he needs to use the bathroom, you must take him outside. You must use a dog leash and not play with him until he eliminates. This will teach him that he is outside to eliminate and not to play. Once he does it, you must pet him and praise him or give him a small treat. And after that, you can play with him. In this training, you must also take your dog outside in a routine, for example every morning, once in a couple hours, and before bed.

how to potty train a dog at home

Which of those potty training method you are going to apply? In choosing it, you need to make sure that your lifestyle match the dog housetraining method.

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