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Obedience Training for Puppies at Home: Step-by-Step Instructions

It can be quiet exhausting to do obedience training for puppies at home especially when they haven’t learned any basic commands yet. But teaching these four simple commands will make your world and his different. By doing this training at home, you can strengthen your bonding time as well between you and your puppy. Keep each session short in the training to get full attention from your puppy especially if it is his first time. Most puppies have short spans of attention that’s why training them in long duration will not work effectively.

obedience training for dogs at home

Step-by step instructions for obedience training for puppies at home

  1. Train your puppy to come

obedience training for puppies

The come command is important command to manage your puppy especially if their behavior is really frustrated you. This command can help your puppy stay out of trouble and it will give him a job he should do as well. If your dog likes playing around and even likes escaping from your fence. This come command can help him to come right at you and it can help him save his life too.

How to train him?

  • First, you need to clip a light line on the collar of your puppy. Let him drag the line around and play with it.
  • After he gets used to with the line, pick up the end part of the line and hold it. Follow your puppy whenever he moves. It will make him understand that the function of this line is to attach both of you.
  • Walk backwards slowly and encourage him to follow you along the way. When your puppy twirls around and he manages to come to you, praise him by saying “Yes!” Tell your puppy that you are so proud of him.
  • Begin this action by saying the word “Come”. And every time your puppy responds it well, give him reward and praise him. You can also make this command a game for your puppy.

Make sure that you don’t repeat the word by yelling come so many times if your puppy doesn’t respond it. One word is for one command only. This command come isn’t for disciplining your dog. But if you want to teach him a lesson when he does something annoying, you can come to him instead making him comes to you.

  1. Train your puppy to sit

obedience training for a puppy at home

This obedience training for puppies at home probably is one of the easiest. When your puppy can sit on command, it means he will be easier to manage before you teach him more about self-control. This command will also help him how to behave. When your door bell is ringing, your puppy will likely to jump around on your guest. But if you teach him to sit when it is ringing, that behavior will be long gone.

obedience training for puppies at home

How to do it?

  • First, make the same level as your puppy. You can do it on the floor or sit down on the chair next to him
  • Then, hold his favorite toy or treat near to his nose. His head will automatically follow it when you are moving your hand up.
  • When his head is moving up toward your hand, his butt will get lower.
  • And when his butt gets on the floor, you can release the toy or treat to his mouth.
  • Praise him for his cleverness.
  • You should repeat the actions several times on each day. And then you can combine it by saying the word “Sit”.

obedience training for a dog at home

Be careful to not hold the toy or the treat too high that can make your puppy jump high to catch it. Hold it in your hand that is high enough to make him stretch his neck. When you are successfully train him to do those two simple obedience trainings, he will be more than ready to learn the other obedience training for puppies at home.

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