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The Best Way to Train a Puppy You Need to Know

The best way to train a puppy has to be known well by those planning to adopt a puppy for the very first time. Having a puppy in your house is nice since it can make you and your family feels happy with this little cute creature. People with puppies in their house will be able to detect cancers since they will keep licking and sniffing the lumps or moles on your body. This happened to people, stories tell. Having a puppy also will make you work out at least thirty minutes a day since it is recommended by experts to do so. So, you will be physically healthier for sure. Keeping a puppy also will help your kids to be responsible. Your kids will help you raise your puppy. Make sure you have important things for your puppy before you raise him or her.

the best way to train a puppies

Things to know before keeping a puppy:

  • Have a great name for him or her
  • Have a crate for him or her with a proper size
  • Consult your vet before feeding your puppy. He or she will help you choose the best food for your puppy

Take a look at the tips to train your puppy below since we know that it is not easy to do it for the very first time.

the best way to train a dog

The best way to train a puppy

As you have finished with the adoption administration and finally the puppy is your house, the whole family will be very happy to welcome the puppy. It is not that simple. Your training sessions for your puppy have just begun. The immediate trainings should be done for sure to avoid the house from being messy. Here are the tips:

  • Have a name for your puppy. Choose the best simple name to give him or her respects. Train your puppy to come to you right away if he or she is called. This is actually the first command he or she needs to follow. So, train your puppy well.
  • Make sure you have decided the dos and the don’ts for your new puppy. For examples, is it okay for your puppy to enter your bedroom and your kids’ bedroom? Is it okay for him or her to sleep on your sofa? Will your puppy have his or her own space for eating?

the best way to train a dogs

  • Have a room special for him or her. Place the puppy in his or her room right away to adapt with you and the house as soon as possible. He or she needs a room special for him or her to feel happy, safe, and comfortable especially if you and your family have to go out. If later your puppy is in peace when left alone, you can give your puppy a reward like cookies or toys. You can choose a crate to be your puppy’s room. It is a must to have a crate if you want to train your puppy well. The first time your puppy gets home just make him or her feel loved by giving warm water in a bottle that is placed on his or her sleeping place. This bottle will help him feel relaxed and comfortable.
  • Always reward if your puppy shows you good behavior. Giving praise, toys, love, treats, and heaps is a kind of good reinforcement. Never reward if your puppy has a bad behavior since this will make him or her confused.
  • If your puppy jumps out when he or she sees you, just ignore him or her. Let him or her settle down first before you greet him or her back. Never let your puppy to greet you in the jumping position.
  • If your puppy does something bad, you have to distract him or her with a good thing to do. Repeat this several times to make your puppy do good things.the best way to train a puppy
  • Never let your dog to nip and bite. If he or she does that to you, act like you were in a severe pain so he or she will be very shocked to do it and stop it right away. If it doesn’t seem to work replace it with chew toys, if your puppy likes to chew shoes just swap it with chew toys. If all of them don’t work well just ignore him or her to break up that negative behavior.
  • Every time you have finished with the training session for him or her, make sure you give praises, like “Good boy”, “Excellent job, Angelo!” etc. This will make him or her be willing to be trained in the next session.

best way to train a puppy

What do you think? You can’t wait to adopt a puppy for you and your family, right? It is hoped that the article about the best way to train a puppy will broaden your knowledge and get you inspired to train your puppy well.

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