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Tips for House Training a Puppy Successfully

Having a new puppy makes your life more colorful. However, it can be annoying when your puppy doesn’t obey your command. House training your puppy can be stressful. It takes time and patience. However, if you apply the right tips for house training a puppy, this job will be easier to do. Puppies are like small kids. Their attention span is short. Therefore, you need to be patient, consistent, and creating positive reinforcement. It can take 6 months to house train your puppy. Hopefully, these tips below can help you house train your puppy in less than 6 months.

tips for house training puppies

Choose the right time

It is important for you to choose the right time to train your puppy. The term ‘time’ here refers to the age of your puppy and the schedule of the training. Younger puppy may not understand the training well. As a result, you will only waste your time and get any progress from the training you had performed. Meanwhile, training older puppy may be too late. In consequence, you will need more time to train his behavior. Therefore, it is essential for you to train your puppy at the right age. Most experts recommend you to train your puppy when he is about 12 weeks.

tips for house training a dog

Aside from training your puppy at the right age, you need to schedule his training properly. Consistent and regular training will shape the puppy behavior more quickly. You need to feed him at the same time everyday and take away the leftover food. In addition, you need to take him outside at the same area to litter after he has his meals or after he wakes up from his nap. You must also take him out in the morning, before bed, and every hour. When you take your puppy outside, you need to stay there with them until he finished his business. Once he is fully house trained you can leave him outside.

tips for house training a puppy

If you are consistent in house training your puppy, you can successfully train him within 4 months or so. Another key in doing it is setting the routine. It will help your puppy to set a routine.


Positive reinforcement will shape positive behavior on your puppy. There are some dos and don’ts that you must know in performing reinforcement while training your puppy. Here are some of them.

–                      You have to give your puppy a treat immediately every time he urinates and defecates outside. You can treat him with praise, petting, or light snack.

Tips for House Training a Puppy Successfully

–                      You must not punish him when he is accidentally doing his business indoor. It will make him scared of you. You must also avoid yelling and showing your anger to him. Your Puppy will not understand why you are angry.

–                      If you catch your puppy urinating or defecating inside, you must make him realize that he is doing something wrong. You can do it, by saying ‘stop’ or clap your hand. After that, you can put him outside and let him do his business. Once it finishes, you can pet him.

–                      When your puppy accidentally eliminating inside, you must clean it with enzymatic cleanser. You must not choose cleanser made of ammonia. This type of cleanser can attract him to eliminate at that spot again.

Tips for House Training a dog Successfully

House training your puppy requires long hours of supervision. If you cannot stay with your puppy all day long because of your job, you must ask someone to put him outside when you are away. Therefore, he will keep learning with the routines you set. When your puppy isn’t fully house-trained, you must not expect him to go through the night without wetting his sleeping blanket.

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