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Tips on How to Train a Dog and Examples of Problems to Solve

Tips on how to train a dog are really needed to know if you plan to adopt one for you. To make you more persistent to keep a dog in your house to complete your life you should know that there are many good things you can have by keeping a dog. You will be more aware of how to live healthily. You will be greater in appearance since experts will suggest you to work out at least thirty minutes a day. Keeping a pet like dogs needs a strong body, right? You also will be able to identify a cancer in your body earlier. The dog you adopt will keep sniffing and licking your body part with a potential cancer in it. One of the toughest things to train to your dog is the pooping time. Here are the tips:

tips on how to train a puppy

  • Take your dog out to the yard where you prepare the place for doing the toilet business first thing in the morning after your dog wakes up, and then take him or her every thirty minutes to do it, especially after meals and before sleeping at nights.
  • Always accompany him or her with this toilet business before your dog gets used to do it by itself.
  • Always praise or give treats to him or her after doing the toilet business in a proper way.

tips on how to train a dogs

As we know that every good thing takes time, after training your dog suggested even by experts, sometimes everything we do doesn’t work well. Here are examples of problems generally keepers have to face:

  • A dog may like to piddle all over your house. If this happens to you with your young puppy, then you should have an indoor potty spot for him or her. Your puppy probably has difficulty to hold it so an indoor potty spot is the solution. Make sure you also have special piddle pads for him or her. In emergency, even a newspaper can be used for doing the toilet business for your small puppy.

tips on how to train dogs

  • When your dog once peeped inside your house and he or she attempts to do it again in the same spot, just clean the spot properly with special solution to remove the odor. Remember, dogs will remember things by sniffing. The spot with his or her toilet smell will definitely be considered his or her toilet business place if we don’t wash and clean it well.
  • A dog may make a mess when left alone in your house. You have to train him or her to love their room. Complete him or her with a toy that he or she likes to feel comfortable in their room. So, your dog won’t feel interested to make a mess in your house.

tips on how to train puppies

  • A dog may do their toilet business in their crate. If this happens to you then you have to check your dog on how good it controls the bladder and bowel outside the crate, and then control the food. Everything he or she eats should be based on the schedule. Take him or her outside to do their toilet business after playing, eating foods, drinking, and before sleeping at night. Have someone to do it or hire someone if you have to work. Clean the crate right away with special solution in order not to leave odors. So your puppy won’t think that it is okay to do the toilet business there.
  • A dog may not come to you right away after you call him or her. Just recall him or her with command training. Catch him or her and then ask him or her to sit, to stand, to take the thing you throw, etc. Repeat to do this again and again until your dog follow you and come to you when being called. If the dog is too lazy to do that, it will probably be too overweight or ill. Just consult your vet for this problem.

So, you can see that it is not that easy to train a dog. Training a dog does take commitment. However, having it for you and your family to complete your life is worth trying. It is great if the article about tips on how to train a dog will broaden your knowledge and give you inspiration.

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