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Tips on the Best Way to Train a Dog

Having untrained dogs can cause many problems. It is true that training dogs is not easy. It takes time, patient, and commitment. But, it is important to make your life less stressful while living with your dogs. Certain dogs are easier to train. Others can be stubborn and difficult to train. If you don’t have much time to train your dog, you had better choose Golden Retriever, Puddle, German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, or Shetland Sheepdog. Those dogs are smart and easy to train so that you will have many problems in training them. To train your dog successfully, you need to know the best way to train a dog. Here are some of the tips you can follow.

the best way to train dogs

Choose practical name dog

To get the attention of your dog, you need to call him with distinctive name. You need to choose a name that do not resemble food or human name. Names like Buddy and Rover can be good name alternatives for your dog. In order to make your dog understand that you are calling him, you need to get him familiar with it. You can do it by using his name while getting his attention, petting, playing, and training your dog.

the best way to train a puppy

Tell your dog what to do

There are times when your dog doesn’t behave well. He may do something you don’t like and don’t respond to your ‘No’. If it happens, you need to find alternative command. Telling him to ‘Sit’ or ‘Come’ may work. That’s because those commands are clearer than the confusing ‘No’.

Schedule the training

To train your dog successfully, you need to give him enough training and schedule it well. Your dogs may get bored during long training. Therefore, it is better for you to schedule a 15-minute training twice a day. Moreover, you need to make sure that he memorizes what he had learned during training. You can do it by watching his behavior outside training and reinforce the training if your dog forgets it.

Tips on the Best Way to Train a Dog

Manage the training

There are days when you and your dog have bad training day. It can be caused by many things such as your mood and your dog’s temperament. If you have a bad mood that day, you must not take it out on him. Be patients and calm your mood. Once you have calmer mood, your dog will have better mood too. In addition, you need to understand your dog’s temperament. It is important for you to choose the right training method for him.

the best way to train a dog

Give reward

You need to praise and reward your dog every time he performs the desired behavior. The best time to do it is within 2 seconds after his success. It is important to do it quickly so that he associates the reward with his success. You can reward him with food, touch, and praise. However, food reward is better for physical training. You can also consider using click command. To perform it, you need a clicker. This device can help you reward your dog’s behavior fast. With clicker training, your dog will associate a click as a reward.

Tips on the Best Way to Train a puppy

Training a dog is not easy. You have to be patient in doing it. Moreover, you also have realistic expectation about the training. It takes time to make him perform the desired behavior. Therefore, you need to evaluate the training and do something about it to achieve the goal. Certain behavior like barking and digging may be a bit difficult to deal with. If your dog uses barking to get what he wants, you must ignore it. Ignorance will discourage barking. Hopefully, you can train your dog successfully with those tips on best way to train a dog.

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